Advocacy videos can be a powerful tool in conveying a certain message, especially so when they feature personal testimonies. They can be shared via social media and reach a wide audience.


Oslo Declaration on HIV Criminalisation


Client: HIV Justice Network
Format: 5 mins, MiniDV, Pal 16:9, multi-cam
Language: English
Date: February 2012

With Sean Strub (SERO Project), Sascha Moore (Groupe sida Genève), Matthew Weait (Birkbeck University), Ton Coenen (AIDS Fonds), Henriette Laursen (AIDS Fondet), Ralf Jürgens (Open Society Foundations), Michaela Clayton (ARASA), Robert Suttle (SERO Project), Lisa Power (Terrence Higgins Trust), Marielle Nakunzi (RFSU), Joakim Berlin (HIV Sweden), Sini Pasanen (HIV Finland), Inger-Lise Hognerud (HIV Norway), Kim Fangen (HIV Manifesto), Kevin Osborne (IPPF), Catherine Hanssens (Center for HIV Law and Policy)

Interviews conducted by Edwin J Bernard (HIV Justice Network)
Filmed, directed and produced by Nicholas Feustel

On 13 February 2012, experts from civil society came together in Oslo, Norway, to create the Oslo Declaration on HIV Criminalisation. This is their endorsement.


Consultation on Police and HIV

cleph shadow

Client: Centre for Law Enforcement & Public Health (CLEPH)
Format: 11 mins, AVCHD, 1080/25p, multi-cam
Language: English
Location: Amsterdam
Date: October 2014

Credits: The Consultation on Police and HIV was co-convened by LEAHN – Law Enforcement and HIV Network, IDLO – International Development Law Organization and Birkbeck, University of London

Interviews Conducted by Prof Matthew Weait
Filmed, directed, edited and produced by Nicholas Feustel

In October 2014, a consultation on police and HIV took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The interviews in this video are with some of the country focal points of the Law Enforcement and HIV Network (LEAHN), each of whom is a serving or a retired senior police officer, and each of whom is committed to ensuring that the police make a positive contribution in their countries and the global HIV response.


For your start into a positive life

sprungbrett shadow

Client: Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Format: 3 mins, AVCHD, 1080/25p, single-cam
Laguage: German with English subtitles
Location: Freiburg
Date: November 2013

Credits: Featuring participants of the buddy project workshop

Filmed, directed, edited and produced by Nicholas Feustel

SPRING BOARD is the revival of the ’HIV buddies‘ idea. People living with HIV who have been diagnosed a long time ago, act as ’buddies’ to help newly diagnosed people come to terms with their infection. This project is a direct outcome of the German PLHIV Stigma Index.

With this video the project is calling upon people with HIV to join as buddies. The video was conceived and filmed over one workshop weekend.

German PLHIV Stigma Index
Conclusions of the interviewers


Client: Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Format: 9 mins, AVCHD, 1080/25p, multi-cam
Laguage: German with English voice-overs and subtitles
Location: Hamburg and Berlin
Date: August 2012

Featuring the interviewers of the German PLHIV Stigma Index
Filmed, directed and produced by Nicholas Feustel

In this project, where people with HIV interviewed other people with HIV about their experiences of HIV-related stigma in their everyday lives, we interviewed some of the interviewers in order to better understand the process and how it impacted them.

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